Saturday, June 9, 2012

Your Daily K-Pop

F(x)- Electric Shock

Ok. So last night at like 2:30 am I was tweeting about lots of things. Particularly hair and kpop. But as I was i saw something on youtube that I couldn't recognize because the name of the group was in Korean. And I listened/watched AND DIED BECAUSE IT WAS F(X) AND I FREAKING LOVE F(X). Ahem. So today, I checked the internet again and I guess today (the 10th in South Korea???) is when they released their newest mini-album. So everything is already on youtube of course. But basically, Electric Shock is soo good. Kind of cheesy in the way a lot of k-pop is but it is just so damn catchy and fierce and wholly amazing. Also, Amber finally sings more! At least now she sings more in Korean! Which is good because she has a beautiful voice. If the rest of this mini album is as good as the title track it should be pretty damn good.

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