Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Banquet and Years & Years

A while ago I posted about a little band from the Czech Republic called A Banquet. Well A Banquet are back with their debut album "Breathe" and the first single from the album is called Far Away.

 Far Away is a rather energetic track. With crisp vocals, very particularly placed electronics, and an altogether sort-of-80s neo-romantic feel, Far Away is quite catchy and subtle-ly romantic. It seems that they haven't lost some aspect of their somewhat noir look but rather that they've developed it into newer directions. Far Away is a lovely song and a fantastic first single from A Banquet. Try not to press replay on this one.

A new band popped up in my inbox the other day. Called Years & Years the band has only one song, currently, on their soundcloud.

 I Wish I Knew opens up very mellow with acrobatic vocals that begin in cool lows and stretch to scintillating highs. I really like the atmosphere this song creates, an interesting dichotomy between the very mellow and the more peripatetic. The consistencies though, like the vocals, and the underlying wobbly synth are stand out aspects of the song. Really liking this song, looking forward to more.

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