Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cinnamon Girl- Devil In Me

Cinnamon Girl dropped a new track the other day. Titled Devil In Me the track is a giant lyrical dismiss to naysayers. Devil In Me seems to embrace this 'devil' and is one of the most glitzy and 80s 'i don't give a damn' songs in a long time. Huge synths and wholly 80s sounds and aesthetics fill the track and the accompanying video. Perhaps though, my favorite part of the song is the cooing oooh oohs that segue between the verses and chorus. Devil In Me pulls all the stops out with the video presenting Camilla in the most chic of lights and in glossy/trendy neon. While Cinnamon Girl's most recent track was the incredibly catchy FriendsDevil In Me shows off a more pointed, fierce style that just works so well.

Be sure to get the track for free from Cinnamon Girl's bandcamp page.

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