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Music To Discover: 76

Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light is simply another name of Welsh multi-instrumentalist Rod Thomas. Starting with recordings done in his own home, Rod moved into the success of touring with the likes of Gotye, Au Revoir Simone, and Ellie Goulding. Bright Light Bright Light is a musical project that amasses softer styles (with songs like Same Old Lines) as well as more contemporary-dance-tinged styles (the very recent Waiting For The Feeling comes to mind). Altogether, Rod Thomas/Bright Light Bright Light is an act that readily primes itself for mainstream success and appeal both on and off the dance floor. 
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Bright Light Bright Light (as pretty much every band who appears as a music to discover feature) has been in my periphery for quite a while. (However, I have multiple text-edit documents with around 40-60 different artists/remixes/songs I need to check in on or come back to later. BUT ANYWAY.)

Waiting For The Feeling is the track that really hooked me on to Bright Light Bright Light. Waiting For The Feeling is one of those dance/electro-pop tracks that just kill me. It is a glorious blend of incredibly dancey beats, fully involved vocals, and an altogether very forward thinking and fierce musical atmosphere. Combine this type of song with a video that ambiguously approches gender and sexuality (I mean, the video is pretty homoerotic, obvs not a bad thing) and you've basically picked one of my favorite types of music.

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A New Word To Say is the kind of 80s electro that would have the Pet Shop Boys crooning. This track has a slightly more low-key, atmospheric synth vibe but it is still enough to keep the dance floor moving. The video is a menagerie of neon colors and contrasting hues. Lyrically, A New Word To Say is poetic and narrative, very declarative and self defining in its syntax. Rod's cool and smooth vocals fit the song's vibe perfectly and God I can't get over how 80s this song is.

I'd lastly like to mention the song Disco Moment which is a pop-song in the vein of Robyn. What I mean is, Disco Moment is a song that carefully intersects sadness with love with dance music. Collectively, the song is one you could dance to and catch yourself mindlessly singing along with but, it is also a song woven from lyrics of sadness and disappointment. The song's consistent reliance of synths and a syncopated beat further develop a more sombre yet club-friendly feel. 

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Bright Light Bright Light offers a completely different feel when you delve deeper into his older work. My favorite is probably Debris. Quite haunting, mellow, quiet, and pensive, the song is just too beautiful. There is also a lovely sense of sincerity in the song there isn't any kind of lugubrious emotion of melodrama just legitimate feelings translated to music.

Altogether, you should listen to Bright Light Bright Light if you want to listen to music that is capable of grasping the strings of incredibly passionate lyrics, danceable synth-pop, and mellow atmospheres all at different times. Rod Thomas offers a sort of music that is as malleable as it is enjoyable to listen to, all while seeming whole hearted and sincere in its production. Definitely make sure you check Bright Light Bright Light out. His debut album "Make Me Believe In Hope"is out now, go listen.

If you're a fan of...
-Garçon Garçon
-Diamond Rings
then you definitely need to give Bright Light Bright Light a listen.

Check out his songs.
-Waiting For The Feeling
-Disco Moment
-A New Word To Say

Remix Of The Day
Frank Ocean- Thinkin' Bout You (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix)
I have very little to say about this remix except for the fact that is is huge. Combining the cosmic atmosphere of the original and the relatively untouched vocals of the original with an incredibly persuasive beat and an altogether transformation that sends the song to dancefloor heaven. Just too good. You can download the remix from Lonsdale Boys Club themselves with the soundcloud player above. 

The Good Natured released a new song about last week.
 It is a collaboration with Vince Clark called Ghost Train. And it took a little while to grow on me. Like Video Voyeur this song shows a different side to The Good Natured. This side is slightly more ghastly, a bit more gothic, a tad more alluring. It is definitely a great display of the band and after I fell in love with it, it is very easily one of my favorite songs of late. You can download the song for free from The Good Natured's website, here

Hope everyone is doing well!
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