Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For the rest of the week.

Just a few tracks that are on my radar right now.

:PAPERCUTZ- Rivers (Ikonika Remix)

So Ikonika's remix of Rivers is one that is at first a bit misleading. Initially it appears almost cautious in its approach to transforming :PAPERCUTZ's Rivers into a dance floor friendly track. As the track builds though, the simplicity adds upon itself to create a very ravey, slightly haunting floor filler. With rambling snares and an incredibly forward bass-synth the whole track struts forward as if placed upon a gloriously macabre cat walk.


This comes from bassDrumsnareDrum's most recent ep Pause Rewind. While the ep on the whole comes across a bit repetitive and a bit too slow, there are two standout tracks. The slightly foreboding and ominous Human and the slowed-down moombahton inspired track Honey. Both very short, clocking in at only about two minutes each, they are long enough to give you an articulate idea about the dripping and somewhat off kilter sound of the ep. None of the tracks from the ep are bad, but, my two favorites are Honey and Human,  as they both feel the most powerful and soulful. Vocals provided by Betty Steeles feel both soulful and icy, rich and sharp, a fabulous fit to the electronics.

Big Wave- Dying On The Vine

The lovely five piece from Torquay are back again with a new track. This one sounding a bit more mature and just a little less lo-fi than usual, Dying On The Vine is an incredibly catchy and infectious track. One of their strongest, I say. The song just sounds very complete, very polished, and will surely have you listening over and over. Which is great because you can download the track for free here. And hey, if you're headed to the End of The Road Festival too be sure to check them out.

Will post more thoroughly soon. Sorry 'bout the lulls, been really busy with school stuff.
Au revoir.

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