Thursday, November 15, 2012

Again, sorry.

I know I apologize a lot about absence and whatever but you know how I feel guilty about it.
I'll be back soon! And best of 2k12 remixes, songs, and albums will be happening again, no doubt.

For now, here are some things you should be paying attention to until I come back more permanently.

Lady Lykez- I.T.

So I'm pretty sure this entire song is a long series of euphemisms through computer jargon. But I mean. That's totally cool, Lady Lykez is some kind of crazy fire. She's got a certain type of charisma and delivery that is simultaneously blurry and crisp. You can't always catch everything she's saying but when you do it is the most deliriously pointed piece of commentary you can think of. "If you can't hit the power point you better ex-cel". Yass. (You can also see her lively BBC introducing performance

Big Wave- Living Room

Just as dreamy and blissed out as ever, Big Wave keeps making catchy, sweet songs that are perfect for sunny days and warm nights. However, neither of those things are happening in most places right now (aside from the Southern Hemisphere but you know what I mean).

Hotwire- Did You Know

Okay, I'll be honest when I say the "you can go high, you can go low" is not my most favorite element of this song. However how grimey the bass is and the all around sound of the track is pretty fly. With pretty slick and tight rap verses, Did You Know is a successful song. Keep an eye on Hotwire.

Disclosure- Latch (Jamie Jones Remix)

Super slowed down this remix warps the original Latch to a slow-mo house filler. Smooth, velvety and entrancing, Jamie Jones clearly put this mix together carefully and lovingly. Fabulousss.

Oh and of course some K-pop. This time from Miss A.

Other news:
-Mykki Blanco's mixtape dropped and it is free,  you can download it here.
-Charli XCX dropped a new mixtape and it is... not as good as Heartbreaks & Earthquakes. Highlights are Heatwave and Dance 4 U. (Download here

Thanks for putting up with me.
Love you all!

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