Thursday, January 31, 2013

This week should be over already.

Here are a few things to make Friday seem just that much closer.

Sky Ferreira- Everything Is Embarassing (Krystal Klear Remix)

Krystal Klear's belearic take on the cult sensation Sky Ferreira is so easily and readily defined as perfect. The vocals are the focus initially and soon those vocals melt into a synth doused, club friendly electro track. Amazing.

Chlöe Howl- Rumour

Chlöe Howl, the 17 year old, hot on the scene, spiritual successor to Lily Allen,  who has only released one song prior to this, is absolutely ready for pop stardom. "Rumour" is an incredibly clever and tongue in cheek song that is absolutely killer. The intelligence and wit in the lyrics are fabulously sandwiched by a chorus that prompts self discovery.

Hunter As A Horse- The Train

Hunter As a Horse popped up in my inbox today and I must say I'm infatuated. The macabre, peripatetic utterance of "run me, run me, run me" is so incredibly haunting. Fans of Bat For Lashes with an added hint of theatricality and melodrama will be instantly in love. Keep an eye on Hunter As A Horse.

Le1f's new mixtape, Fly Zone is out now and it is completely blazing. The mixtape with an impressive variety of features and producers is chock full of club bangers, ballroom tracks, and a few other surprises. Download the mixtape from Le1f's soundcloud

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