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Interview With Bright Light Bright Light

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I got to catch up with Rod Thomas, also known as Bright Light Bright Light. Rod was kind enough to answer my questions about 2013, what he'd like to see more of in pop music, and what the successes of 2012 mean to him. Check out the interview below!

Chromatist: How have you been doing? 2012 was a big year for you, how is 2013 looking so far?
Rod: I'm very well thanks! 2012 was a very busy year yes, I had a lot of fun touring the record towards the end of the year. 2013 is looking BUSY and I'm very excited.

C: As a member of the lgbtq community I've been delighted by the steady increase in the number of lgbt artists in popular media. Who are some of your favorite queer rising stars at the moment?
R: I adore the Irrepressibles- their album last year was gorgeous one of my favourites of 2012. I'm also in love with the mixtape Del (Marquis, of Scissor Sisters) and Xavier just put out. Technically, he's not "new" but emerging as an artist in his own right.

C: You yourself seem to be becoming a bit of a gay icon with praise from Elton John and the American website newnownext (Logo), how does that feel?
R: Haha, I wouldn't say icon! But it does feel amazing to be recognized by people of such stature. I grew up listening to Elton, everyone did. To have any acknowledgement from an artist you love is quite mind-blowing, but to have someone as iconic as him behind what you do- it's incredible really. I've loved being involved with as man Pride or Mardi Gras events as I have in the last year, it feels fantastic to be recognized and be part of the gay community. 

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C: Is there something you'd like to see more of in today's music scene? Less?
R: I'd like to hear a lot less songs talking about "being young" or being "in the club". And I'd like to see a few more male solo acts break. There are so many fantastic females doing, deservedly, very well--Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Jessie Ware who's breaking now-- it would be nice to see a few more men doing something similar, a unique take on pop, do well too.

C: Can we Americans expect to see a bit more of Bright Light Bright Light in the coming months?
R: Very much so. I'm going to be back in New York in March and will be doing quite a fe shows in the month following.

C: Where do you see your music going at the moment?
R: I'm working a lot more piano and strings into the mix, to keep a warm, organic element to the songs, but I'm also uppin the beats and playing around more with drum samples I built up over the last years. So, it's going to be bigger all around I hope.  I want the next record to feel less contemplative and more euphoric or celebratory.

C: An on a bit more of a silly note, what's the best way to spend Valentine's day?
R: As far away from a couple filled restaurant or cinema as possible! With friends and fun. Or with your love, if you're so lucky. 

You can download Bright Light Bright Light's Valentine's Day-themed mixtape here if you're feeling in the mood. And be sure to check out Rod's website for more info on Bright Light Bright Light like videos, downloads, and more!

Ciao, and Happy Valentine's day everyone.

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