Sunday, March 10, 2013

Austra, Shadows On Stars, D E N A, and Kate Boy

Austra have released a new song in anticipation of their sophomore album Olympia due out in June. The song, called 'Home' features everything we've come to love from Austra. Histrionically beautiful vocals, clashing piano, and baroque synth. It's a wonderful vignette into what's come with Olympia.

I've came upon this new band called Shadows on Stars.
Dayumn. Upon first listen, I get Karen-O vibes. Super garage rock sounding but with a twist of electro pop. The kind of music you could stomp to downtown in and want to thrash to at the same time. Their sound is super provocative and you definitely need to check them out. Especially their cover of Lykke Li's 'Little Bit'.

D E N A- Thin Rope

I mean. D E N A has always been on my mind. I mean, yes and no. Regardless this song is weird and fascinating and addictive and basically you'll like it. Just do it.

Kate Boy- In Your Eyes

JESUS. THis song.
Kate Boy was definitely on the list of acts you need to be on to for 2013. And this is exactly why. Echoing The Knife (circa Deep Cuts) and keeping up with contemporaries AlunaGeorge, Kate Boy is so killin' it. Just listen.

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