Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Almost Friday

Celebrate accordingly.
Here are some tracks for you to enjoy either from the club or from your living room.

Classixx- All You're Waiting For

This dance track by Classixx is a perfect retro floor filler. With sparkling synths, funk-inspired melody and rhythm, and nonchalant, pout-inducing vocals, 'All You're Waiting For' will have you dancing instantly. 'All You're Waiting For''s retro style will leave you wanting more.


POSTILJONEN's 'Supreme' exists in a similar vein as M83's Midnight City or Van She's Jamaica. 'Supreme' is a summer breeze, the closure to a long beautiful day bathed in sunlight.

The XX- Fiction (Kulkid & Fever 105 Remix)

Absolutely the best remix of 'Fiction' in my opinion. The XX are always remixed to high heavens but damn when those remixes get it right, they get it right. The Kulkid & Fever 105 remix is simple and still downtempo but injects the original with a beat that is just sooo luscious.

Hope everyone has had a nice week so far.

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