Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music To Discover: 78

I've decided to bring back my Music To Discover segment, however, differently. I figure it is more effective to keep the descriptions brief and to the point so hopefully this means I will return to MTD posts more often.

Psychic Twin 

Psychic Twin is a psychedelic electro-pop trio from Brooklyn/Chicago. The trio make lucid, cosmically ordained electronic tracks that are a luscious brand of pop stewed in pensive/ambient electronics. Psychic Twin remind me a bit of Class Actress, but are far more pop-oriented and more shoegaze in their approach to electro-pop.

With only a few tracks to their name, Psychic Twin have quickly established their ability to craft a extravagant slice of indietronica. My personal favorite is the buzzing "Dreaming State' which is careful, porcelain, and so so hypnotic.

Check out their bandcamp page and be sure to like Psychic Twin on facebook. (Image from

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