Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Music to Discover: 79

Janine and the Mixtape

I just came upon Janine and the Mixtape on but wow I really have a feeling about this one.  Janine and the Mixtape is an act from New Zealand where Janine Foster writes, sings, and produces her original tracks. Janine's style is heavily R&B style with a lot of instrumental inspiration from (what seems to be) electronic, trap, and chillwave. The other day, Janine dropped her debut ep Dark Mind which is available for free on her soundcloud page

I'm so excited about Janine and the Mixtape. I took a listen to her Dark Mind ep and straight from the get go I was hooked. I'm only going to touch on my highlights from the ep but be sure to check the rest yourself. With a hypnotically light voice and and deep, bottomless instrumental stacked from heavy bass pulses and syncopated snaps and coos, 'Let It Run' (the opening track), is simple and alluring. The title track, 'Dark Mind', is obviously, more dark, lyrically at least. 'Dark Mind' though is a nice display of vocal prowess from Janine and the Mixtape with her vocals intently carrying her lyrics over a post-witch-house inspired backing track. 'Hold Me' shows a lot of inspiration from 90s R&B and pop with sweet and fragile vocals on top of the stripped down quavering of a bass and some synths. 

Janine and the Mixtape is an insanely exciting act featuring strong vocal talent and production that would make any indie-tronic, post-witch-house, witch-house loving listener quite pleased. Many artists today cite the 90s as inspiration but in Janine and the Mixtape you can really feel 90s r&b resonate and thrive. However, Janine's work is so alive in today's music scene that you don't want to miss her debut.

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