Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rivka- Faded EP

Rivka is a lo-fi, chill-wave throwback, from Pittsburgh. Rivka is a duo that aim to make "chillvibes and summertime highs". Their recent ep release, Faded is clearly evidence of their love of relaxed, moody, experimental electronics. Faded is an interesting ep with a lot of potential in it. Some of the tracks, like the aptly titled 'Wannannaw', tend to be a bit repetitive and disappear a bit. However, the more successful tracks like 'Drift', 'Swim High', and 'Gone' are gorgeous. 'Drift' is dream-like and summery, with just enough of an ambigious/ominous build up beneath to keep you simultaneously drifting off and carefully aware. Such a good track. You can download their whole ep, Faded, from their bandcamp page here (image).

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