Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Icona Pop-All Night

Icona Pop's newest track, 'All Night' just leaked on tumblr (and now obviously youtube). The song is what you'd expect from the Swedes. It is a club track full of room-filling synths and scream at the top of your lungs vocals. But this track differs a lot from their smash 'I Love It'. 'All Night' is a bit more pensive, a bit more reserved, it isn't quite as huge and exciting as 'I Love It' but it will have fans satisfied and ready for more. 'All Night' is a new side to the duo's sound, still dance-floor ready and it seems a bit more purposeful in the lyrical delivery but it isn't the same kind of slowed down electro pensiveness the group is obviously capable of as shown by 'Manners' or 'Nights Like This'. Icona Pop's debut album drops in late August.

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