Thursday, July 4, 2013

Q&A with Neon Bunny

Korean indiepop/synth-pop bastion Neon Bunny took the time to answer a few brief questions for me.

Neon Bunny, the stage name of Im Yu Jin, recently did a collaboration with Korean producer, Smells, and was featured on blogs like Eat Your Kimchi. Though brief with her answers, Im Yu Jin clearly shows her personality in her answers, as she does in her music. See for yourself!

Chromatist: How do you view your music? If you had to define your style or sound, what would you say?
Neon Bunny: People call it synth pop or electro pop. Honestly, I don't care what they call it.

C: What musicians or bands are you listening to right now?
NB: AlunaGeorge, Disclosure, and Alizzz, etc!!

C:Your recent collaboration with Smells is one of my favorite releases this year. How did that collaboration come about? Can we expect more collaborations in the future?
NB: Smells asked me to do the collaboration and sent me a demo. It looked like so much fun so I said Yes!! [sic] to them. I also did a collaboration with Demicat as well. It'll come out at the end of August I guess.

C: Any parting words?
NB: ???

I'd like to thank Neon Bunny for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to follow Neon Bunny on twitter and like her on facebook.

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