Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sæs- Alcanzame///Passed Out (It's Night Time)

Sæs is a duo from Florida who landed in my inbox recently and had me taken aback. With quiet, careful selections of synths and the cries of birds, their sound is gorgeously delicate and soft. Their sound is a little bit XX and little bit Grimes but altogether their own swirl of haze, paced beats, and unique samples. 'Passed Out (It's Night Time)' is percussive and shaky, as if you'd just woken from a haze in the midst of an island exploding with the chirps of birds and, somehow, light guitar plucks and syncopated beats. 'Alcanzame' is more acoustic and more mysterious, however enthralling. Sæs' blending of programmed beats, acoustic elements, and semi-washed out/ambiguous vocals create a truly fantastic world for the listener. Amazing.

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