Friday, July 5, 2013

X Priest X- Samurai

A relative unknown at this point, all I can say about X Priest X is that she (she is actually Madeline Priest and producers Chandler Strang and David Kazyk). X Priest X's debut track 'Samurai' is blurred out addictive synth-pop. It reminds me a lot of CHVRVCHES' debut last year with 'Lies' . 'Samurai' is a bit more low key in my opinion though, a bit more subtle but still packs that same addictive punch. Between the camp-like haze of the intro synths, the percussive bass, and the droning yet beautiful vocals of Madeline Priest, I have a good feeling about X Priest X.

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  1. beautiful vocals indeed! seriously can't stop listening to this song


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