Thursday, August 1, 2013

AlunaGeorge- Body Music

I'm a little bit late on reviewing this album but I've been a long-time supporter of this duo and I can't pass up reviewing their debut. But I am also going to keep this short because basically their debut is flawless.

Body Music is to some, a record that documents a series of very successful singles that the duo have put out over the past couple of years. To more long-term fans it showcases their very beginnings with their debut ep Analyser to their most recent productions. And to others, it is all brand new.
The sound that AlunaGeorge have practically patented, a smooth and delicious mixture of R&B and electronic has sent an unprecedented trend amongst the electronic music scene.

Past hits like 'Attracting Flies', 'Bad Idea', 'You Know You Like It', and 'Just A Touch', amongst others, are all familiar pieces of mastery. Each song that has been previously released fits in nicely amongst the new tracks on the album and each track flawlessly blends into the next without need for skipping.

My favorite new track from the album is shamefully missing from the American release, 'B UR Boo' is by far my favorite new track with its quick pace and coy lyrics. It is only a little more funky than their usual sound but it fits in so perfectly. 'Lost And Found' is another favorite of mine from their new tracks with a similarly quick pace, glitched out vocal samples, and semi-bitter-lyrics tinting a somehow aquatic dance track. In fact, the only track I don't really care too much for is 'Kaleidoscope Love', it is a little cliché and a little forgettable, it isn't bad, just compared to the rest of the album it just doesn't really cut it.

Altogether, AlunaGeorge's debut meets up to its hype, it is catchy, pop-friendly, R&B-friendly, and gloriously electronic, fit to please anyone's taste. AlunaGeorge have come upon a sound that works so well for them, with either Aluna's smooth vocals leading the way or esoterically complex production from George taking lead. A marvelous debut.

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