Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Beat is Poptronik Volume 2 Review

Compilation albums are tricky, but sometimes they get something right. EQ asked me to review the second edition of the Poptronik series and their first release as a record label. The album is, as a whole, very fun and an interesting sampling of electronic and pop musicians.

The first highlight of the compilation is the very retro, very 80s 'Silent Morning' by Parralox ft. Ryan Adamés. 'Silent Morning' is a play on words and a great piece of 80s synth-pop throwback. Fit with lyrical melodrama "silent morning"/"silent mourning", "why did your love have to be a lie?!" the Parralox track bounces throughout and will have you singing along in no time.

Much of the album falls into the category I lovingly refer to as "ear-crack", the kind of music that will find its way into your mind and will keep bubbling to the surface from time to time. Other favorites of mine from the album include, 'Super DJ', 'One and Only (Dave Aude Remix)', 'I Like it Loud', 'Map' and 'I Can't Help It'.

'Map', to me, stands out because it is the first piece of work that Frankmusik has made in a very long time that has caught my interest. I'm glad to see the falsetto crooner is back to his old tricks by making emotional tracks with uptempo beats to make you dance and cry all the same.  Dangerous Muse's track 'I Can't Help It' is a reconstructed 90s industrial dance track fit with Depeche Mode-esque vocals and a fuzzy synth melody that could make anybody swoon.

EQ has done an interesting job of curating this album. At some moments, This Beat is Poptronik is a bit too saccharine but altogether, the compilation shines in the moments of electro-pop brilliance. If I were to classify the album in few words I'd say #TBT (I mean the 80s and 90s pop-aesthetics are undeniable), unique, and easy to listen to. This Beat is Poptronik Volume 2 is a great introduction for new listeners of electronic, pop, or dance music (and lest I forget, I must commend the inclusiveness of the album with the palpable queer narrative in several of the tracks.)

Very good job, EQ, and thanks for the opportunity. <3 p="">Go to EQ for more infof on This Beat is Poptronik Volume 2!!


  1. First time I have bothered listening to frankmusik in years, he caught my attention. I listened to him in conjunction with Erik Hassle. They're weird.

    1. Yeah, he did some stuff with Far East Movement which was..... bad.... So he similarly disappeared with me.

      Interesting combination...


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