Friday, September 13, 2013

Lorde- Team

Everyone's favorite Kiwi pop star has done it again. 'Team' proves that with each single her talents only build upon themselves. With 'Royals' we fell in love, with 'Tennis Court' I became obsessed and with 'Team' it's just building on what I thought were already perfect sounds. With wise-beyond her years lyrics and signature percussion that sits right in the forefront 'Team' satisfies as another badge on the young stars' golden repertoire. 'Team' is different in that it is a bit softer than past singles. Lorde's vocals go higher, whisper more than in 'Royals' (where she flaunted vocal prowess) and 'Tennis Court' (a fantastic synthesis of vocals and production). 'Team' has easily overtaken all her past tracks as my favorite. If you aren't a fan already (and I mean, who isn't already in love with 'Royals'), you will be.

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