Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GI- Booshit

So I used to do the occasional ' Your Daily K-Pop ' post. But I don't really want to be differentiating the genre from other genres of music like that. SO HERE WE ARE JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER POST. GI (Global Icon) who debuted this year in the spring with 'Beatles'. Instantly I was in love with the groups charisma, which reminded me a bit of 2NE1 but still more intense. The group is dedicated to a very hip-hop/rap aesthetic in the truest of senses. 'Booshit' is insanely addictive and even though I only know what they are saying because of translations I could get the idea that they are serious and severe. I'm really into this track right now because it seems to be a diss track with better choreo in a hiphop video than I've seen in forever.

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