Sunday, January 12, 2014

JeanDeaux- Find U

The idea of 'progressive R&B' was pushed a lot during 2013. However, a lot of the innovation became self-similar at a certain point. This track by JeanDeaux featuring some gorgeous production by Sampha really re-opens the envelope and works reworks itself into innovation. As a track, 'Find U' is jumpy, somewhat frenetic and a true hybrid of electronic music, house-rhythm, R&B vocals and the pace of some drum and bass. It may sound like a strange mashup of genres but it works out so well. JeanDeaux's vocals are sweet and contrasty with enough rasp to really grip the listener into her sweet melodies amidst a sea of echoing, active beats and sounds. Sampha's vocals are a nice touch at the end, sweetly complementing JeanDeaux's melodies.

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