Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rubee Rayne- Breathe

Rubee Rayne came to my inbox and I was instantly hypnotized. 'Breathe' is a hazy and gorgeously entrancing track from the R&B songstress. With vocals that are soulful, light and just a bit brittle she lulls you into the heart of the track defined by hazy, wavy synths and fuzzed out production (courtesy of El Train). The percussive lyrics and their punctuated cadence breaks up the smoothness a bit but complements the melodies fantastically. The whole track is addictive and gorgeous, her vocals are soft with enough edge to keep you coming back again and again. "As long as I love you right, as long as I love you right, as long as I love you right..." (Get the track for free from soundcloud below.)

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