Monday, January 6, 2014

Tropea- Kaleida

Kaleida is a London-based duo who was sent to me about a month ago. However, between all the other things I was doing and being generally m.i.a. I missed them.

You shouldn't sleep on this duo any longer than I have. On first listen I heard the what I thought could have been the lovechild of Sinead O'Connor and Annie Lennox. Other obvious comparisons that could be made would be Kate Boy, La Roux and Say Lou Lou (maybe a little Clare Maguire too). 'Tropea' is a song that is quite relaxing during half with glassy smooth-vocals that are backed by an ambient trickling of synths.  However, the chorus shifts to a divine percussive usage of vocals. The gorgeous crystalline vocals are there throughout and the contrast between smooth melody and insidiously catchy percussive chorus is just absolutely perfect. I can easily see this duo completely taking over the blogosphere this coming year. Be sure to jump on this train now.

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