Monday, February 3, 2014

Life Round Here (James Blake Cover)- Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze

So I was just going to listen to James Blake's 'Life Round Here' right. As I'm typing a suggestion by Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze comes up. It just so happens that very, very recently the two of them released a cover of Blake's track. Ellie Goulding takes place of Blake on the vocals and Haze replaces Chance The Rapper from the remix track. It is a very soulful track, very careful. It feels like the performance from the two is deliberately withheld, they both cover the track beautifully but they also aren't showing you everything they've got. (Which is really marvelous because this has me coming back to this cover again and again.) Goulding's vocals are confident, contradicting the digitalized fragility of the original, and Haze's verse is as cerebral and wickedly sharp as always. So good.

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