Thursday, March 6, 2014

Basically All The Things I've Missed In The Past Week

Ok so it was kind of a big week/10 days in the blogosphere.
And of course I was busy dying in studio, so you know, there's that.

Kill J- Bullet

So this is a familiar story.
Kill J, last summer, released the track "Phoenix". The blogosphere imploded at the track and while I found it interesting I was, of course, not totally convinced. (This really happens all the time). NOW, Kill J recently released "Bullet" which has me 100% sold. "Bullet" is cold, almost desolate, somehow dangerous sounding even? The electric chop and whirr of the manipulated electronics is...divine. When the chop and whirr closes out, Kill J's uniquely light vocals and finely pointed lyrics shine with the pang of radar-reminiscent synth tempo. The whole track is smooth, cool and will have you feeling completely invincible. Fantastic.

Kaleida- Picture You

This track from Kaleida is quite a bit different from their last effort, "Tropea". "Picture You" moves much slower than their past releases. The rattling of percussion in the back and subversive shaking bass really underscore the smooth quality of the vocals. "Picture You" shows a different side to the duo, a much more brooding and cinematic side. While it it doesn't top "Tropea" for me, it is still an admirable and addictive release from the London duo.

FKA x inc.

Ok so I actually did catch onto this one, I just didn't blog about it because that would have made too much sense (sarcasm reads so well over text). This collab is really a match made in rising artist heaven. FKA Twig's vocals are beautifully complemented by inc.'s vocals and the whole track is uniquely percussive, mysterious and alluring. I listened to this one on repeat. The chorus, really, really hooked me.

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