Friday, March 7, 2014

Daniel Wilson- Please Dream Again

It seems that the collective description of Daniel Wilson's sound is 'minimal'. Yes, his sound relies a lot on minimal synth melodies but saying it is minimal seems to imply more of a void than there actually is in his sound. Because in actuality, between the vocals and the arrangements of his tracks there is an outpouring of feeling and honesty. "Please Dream Again" is , yes, simple. Wilson's vocals are crystalline and beautifully complimented by the simplicity of the keyboard and synth. As the track grows, a whistle echoes the tonality of his vocals and growling synths begin to wash over the rest of the track. The ending is, deep, momentous and closes out with a final return to quiet simplicity in synths. If you are a fan of this track, be sure to also check out "Will You"(also below).

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