Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zella Day- Sweet Ophelia

Wow, this is a rare one.
I'm most recently from Tucson, AZ. And to be completely honest, when I lived predominantly there I never really thought of being a localized blog. AZ, didn't have much a music scene that appealed to me and most of the time still doesn't. However, this is a very fine exception. Zella Day is originally from Pinetop, Arizona and she has a sound the "floats between the tonalities of female frontier-maker Stevie Nicks and art pop songbird Lana Del Rey while invoking imagery painted by Old Arizona and a free-spirited perspective". And in a lot of ways I agree, and in some I don't. (I don't know if Lana is really 'art pop', but, pleasantries).  The track opens with a somewhat-cinematic feeling that is interrupted by hard-hitting crash-percussion reminiscent of Holychild or Sleigh Bells. Zella Day's vocals are very sweet throughout, they don't overpower the listen. This is where I get the Lana vibe, as Zella Day's vocals are seemingly deliberately withheld, sung through a pout.  Ultimately, her vocals are greatly uplifted by the melodrama of the lyrics and the grandiose melodrama of the backing track. There is a little bit of folk in her sound as well, perhaps in the organic energy, lyrics and feeling of the song. It is an interesting debut from the songstress and has me interested in seeing where she goes in the near future. Stay tuned on this one. (She will also be at SXSW if you will be.)

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