Thursday, May 29, 2014

La Roux- Uptight Downtown

So in my most recent absence, I missed out on posting about La Roux's return. Let Me Down Gently was a curveball for many because it bypassed the somewhat pointed sound of her debut. Let Me Down Gently's balladic sound is beautiful and extremely exciting to hear from La Roux.
La Roux has just dropped another new track from her upcoming sophomore album, Trouble in Paradise. Uptight Downtown is another takeoff for La Roux. The song is extremely 70s inspired with disco influences abound. Elly's sharp vocals weave in and out of modern synth work and 70s guitar riffs. At moments, it seems just a touch ABBA, no? Not that that's a bad thing. Things are changing in La Roux's sound and I am just dying to hear the rest of this album.

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