Thursday, June 12, 2014

A.G. Cook

Who is A.G. Cook?
I don't honestly, really know. My first hunch was, despite the image plastered on A.G. Cook's soundcloud and page (a photo of a blue-haired young woman holding a gold motorola razr) that it was probably some guy. Well I think I was right, considering that after some research it is indeed a guy, from London who is a dj, producer and founder of PC Music

Introductions aside, how do you describe A.G. Cook?
That too, is complicated. If you look at A.G. Cook's soundcloud page it is a mishmash of a variety of mixes, collabs and some single-like tracks. Sampling is heavy in all of Cook's work. In a single track you can hear hundreds, if not thousands, of singular samples of other tracks, instrumentals, sounds, vocals, etc... all of which have been chopped and mixed into an addictively cacophonous package. Samples range from pop to manipulated vocals to ballroom crashes to jpop to what could be ddr-tracks. It's all over the place and somewhat humorous, taking many influences and samples from somewhat 'unsavory' genres and reforming them into bass driven floor fillers or somewhat twee vocaloid inspired ballads. Everything is so internet-inspired, between the strong and somewhat enigmatic visuals accompanying Cook's tracks (see the still from the 'music video', music gif? to the track 'Beautiful')  to the range of samples and how they echo kitsch-moments of the 2000s. You were super into at least one of those 'kitsch moments' at some point, admit it. A.G. Cook makes them palatable and cool again, it's really all about context.

Below are my some of my fave samplings from A.G. Cook's prolific soundcloud page. Though honestly it is hard to pick. Check PC Music's soundcloud too. 

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