Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hervé and Zebra Katz- Tear The House Up

I was kind of hesitant about this one. (It's complicated.) But I think it goes without saying that this track is worth mentioning. It is effectively, a strong party-track. Hervé supplies a sufficiently wobbly beat that wavers between frequencies and is satisfyingly bouncy. However, it is mostly Katz who really brings the fire to the track. His flow and vocals are definitively evocative of Busta Rhymes and his deep voice adds to the foreboding and uniquely addicting affect of the track. While it is a little bit more pop and less niche than his more recent work, Katz shows that he's got the chops to work between niche and more pop-friendly genres, not to mention the fact that he can rap like hell. Don't forget to note the intense and eyecatching visuals of the video.

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