Monday, June 9, 2014

La Roux- Tropical Chancer

La Roux has really been churning out these singles lately. About a month from now we will all be listening to Trouble In Paradise (and I can practically guarantee that we will ALL be listening to the sophomore album) and so far, expectations are high. 'Tropical Chancer' follows along the line of the past couple of singles 'Uptight Downtown' and 'Let Me Down Gently'. 'Tropical Chancer' is a little bit more tropical (not a pun or a joke) than the past two, echoing a bit more of the 'I'm Not Your Toy' vibe that I fell in love with. It seems that Elly Jackson has fully embraced an air of sublety for this next album, it seems that the shrill cries and piercing synths have been left behind (for now) and replaced with a more mature and slightly moodier vibe. Feeling it.

(image from pitchfork)

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