Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mexico City Blondes- Fade

When I first listened to 'Fade' by Mexico City Blondes I was instantly reminded of Garbage's track 'Nobody Loves You' from their 2001 album, Beautiful Garbage. There are the obvious similarities, the plucked guitar in the forefront, the somewhat bating lyrics, etc... But really it is in the vibe. 'Fade' is a well pronounced track that is lighter than 'Nobody Loves You' and slower but it features an eerie vibe that hypnotizes the listener. Maybe its in the hollow synth-piano moments or in the reversed sampling. The breakdown of 'Fade' is quite exciting and unexpected, even kind of ironic. For a song that imbues itself with the idea of fading, such a breakneck and twinkling switchup is surprising and exciting. The vocals are smooth, production deliciously rocky, this is an act worth looking out for.

For the record, Mexico City Blondes is a duo from Santa Barbara, California. Greg Doscher and Allie Thompson are planning on releasing "a couple of new tracks" on the 20th of June to follow up their debut single, 'Fade'.

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